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The Vans Authentic Skate Shoes Green are the epitome of classic skate style. These shoes have been specifically designed to offer superior performance and durability for skateboarders, making them a must-have for any avid skater. With their sleek and timeless green color, these shoes are not only practical but also fashion-forward.


1. Durability: Made with a sturdy canvas upper, these skate shoes are built to withstand the rigors of skateboarding. Whether you’re grinding rails or performing tricks, these shoes will keep up with your every move.

2. Grip: The vulcanized rubber outsole of the Vans Authentic Skate Shoes Green provides excellent traction on both skateboards and different surfaces. This ensures that you stay firmly planted on your board and can execute your tricks with confidence.

3. Comfort: These shoes feature a padded collar and cushioned insole, offering maximum comfort and support while you skate. Say goodbye to sore feet and hello to longer, more enjoyable skate sessions.


1. Color: Green
2. Upper Material: Canvas
3. Outsole Material: Vulcanized rubber
4. Closure: Lace-Up
5. Padded Collar: Yes
6. Cushioned Insole: Yes
7. Brand: Vans

The Vans Authentic Skate Shoes Green combine style, durability, and comfort to deliver the ultimate skateboarding shoe. Whether you’re an experienced skater or just starting out, these shoes are the perfect addition to your footwear collection. So, step up your skate game with the Vans Authentic Skate Shoes Green and dominate the streets or skatepark in style.

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